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DAY 3 & 4: Rediscovering Rejuvenation

I woke to find my bones limp and jiggly, the pressure of yesterday’s arduous walk breaking the barrier of dawn and manifesting into the blistering hot day. ‘It was no secret anymore’ I thought. None of us had been prepared for the un-breaking and unbending powerful will of The CaminoRead More

DAY 2: “Ganbatte Kudasai!” The Gift of Optimism

Being optimistic is something I always like doing. I prefer feeling good to bad, being positive, not negative and being constructive rather than destructive. Who doesn’t? However on our first day on the Camino de Santiago del Norte we hiked 33 kilometres through harsh terrain and conditions with extremely heavyRead More

Momentary Madness and The Magic of Multnomah Falls

It was late afternoon when our beige and red striped RV pulled into a parking lot, barely visible under the towering cedar trees, the setting sunlight peeking through the hidden gaps. The gravel crunched under my feet as I stepped outside and took a deep breath of the fresh forestRead More

Ambling Without An Automobile

The midday heat, with the sun at its zenith, irradiated the desert landscape on the outskirts of the Spanish town of Águilas, making the 30℃ / 86℉ heat feel as if it was much hotter. Not a whisper of wind could be felt. It was an unusually hot day forRead More

Bath Time in the Ancient Roman Citadel

It was mid-afternoon when our small rental car, drove past the welcome sign and into the city of Bath, England. The rare English sun was shining down on this Roman reminiscent citadel as I stepped out of the car, all smiles. It was our 4th Day on the road inRead More

Perspectives of a Journey

This entry was written on a warm, lazy afternoon in the small Ecuadorian village of Vilcabamba when we, as a family, were discussing the effects of different perspectives in any given situation. In an effort to try a small experiment on how our own perspectives play out, my dad andRead More

The Power of Kindness

Here we uncover long lost mysteries, feel the power of living kindness and experience the realness of America! Enjoy! I was so EXCITED!! We were actually arriving in Detroit! The place where Dad’s Great Grandfather had also arrived, now more than 100 years earlier!!! This was the place, where weRead More

Corn Husks, Popsicles and a Pumpkin called Luigi!

The last you heard of us we were driving out of Colorado, Denver, Littleton. We were about to hit a New State: Nebraska: The Corn Husk State. And believe me, it was the corn husk state. All over the road, stray corn husks floated and flittered in front of ourRead More


Last I left off, we were in Yellowstone National Park or rather we had just left there. We had had enough of the coldness as it has been getting very, very cold. So we pushed on, traveling south, onwards to a New State. Next on our list were Montana, Wyoming,Read More