My debut novel

Dawn of The Guardian

PUBLISHED by Hoot Owl Books

Date: March 31st, 2016 

is now available to purchase worldwide.


Book Cover Dawn of The Guardian



Deep in the heart of Andalusia, on the outskirts of the ancient towering white-washed walls of Arcos de la Frontera, located on the medieval Moorish crossroads, is a seemingly quiet town, that holds a chillingly malevolent secret. Once revealed, it will challenge the very fabrics of what we consider reality to be. Here lives Fūko (short for Fukushima), a two and half year old smokey black, Patterdale Terrier cross, who with his adopted dog family – Marcia, a caring matriarch Jack Russell terrier, with her eighteen-month-old, jet black daughter Lulu and frenetically energetic six-month-old son Bongo, are thrown into the thick of an adventure that spans the vastness of time and the dimensions of existence.


Fūko is no ordinary canine, of course. Born of The Dream, he holds the key to this mystery and upon him will be thrust the responsibility of The Guardian, one that he is unsure he is ready or capable of fulfilling. His Master, seemingly an old man, is a being as mysterious as the energy gathering in The Mansion, emanating from the abandoned Roman ruins.


Will Fūko be able to navigate the treacherous path of becoming the fully fledged Guardian, all while protecting his new-found family and facing an energy so entangled in The Dream, that it threatens to envelop and enslave all of humanity, the animal domain and all of existence with it?

This story, told through rich allegory, offers readers a journey into the world of lucid dreaming through an adventurous, fun-filled, and often spine-chilling tale.


 To learn more about my journey to publication, please visit

the Dawn of The Guardian website.



Dawn of The Guardian NOW IN HUNGARIAN

Az Őrző Hajnala 


Date: September 1st, 2017

Available in bookstores throughout Hungary and worldwide online.



10 Thoughts to MY BOOK

  1. julien says:

    you’re really lucky to travel all around the world, enjoy your dreaming life that anybody would have liked to have..
    (Julien, from Belgium)

    • dreamtimetraveler says:

      Thank you Julien, I am so grateful for the opportunity and I am learning how to sincerely appreciate every moment of these experiences! Reka

  2. Miriam Eryan says:

    Hi There, we’re very interested in having you on Mornings on channel 9 to talk about your book and incredible journey. I’m on 0424765768 but am best on email would love to chat and arrange for an interview ASAP

    • dreamtimetraveler says:

      Hi Miriam,

      Thank you so much! I have sent you an email and am very excited to hear back from you! Reka

  3. Alisha says:

    Hey Reka, will defiantly read your book when it is published. I’m so happy that you got to live your dream and travel the world. Let me know next time you are in Melbourne- Alisha Tumber

    • dreamtimetraveler says:

      Hi Alisha, Thank you so much for your kind words! It is great to be able to reconnect with you! We are actually coming back to Australia for Christmas, so I would love to be able to meet up! Have a great day! -Réka

  4. You have a very interesting life thanks to travelling! It’s great that you share it with people.

    • Hi Chrys,

      Thank you for your support! I am very grateful for the opportunity and try to appreciate every moment. I am very pleased and thankful that people are interested in reading about my experiences. I am also at the moment preparing for the launch of my first book, Dawn of the Guardian. Please keep an eye out for this and I will have more updates about this soon.

      My warmest regards,

  5. Kedves Réka! Szeretném megrendelni a könyvedet, de nem tudom eldönteni, hogy melyik nyelvet válasszam. Szeretek angolul olvasni, de ha erederileg magyarul írtad, vagy ha azt mondod, hogy magyarul kifejezőbb, akkor inkább azt választanám. Te melyiket ajánlod?

    • Kedves Kamilla! Bocsi hogy nem valaszoltam hamarabb kerdesedre…utazoban voltam es nem vettem eszre. Koszi szepen az erdeklodesedet a konyvem irant. Eredetileg angolul irtam a konyvet, de valoban meglepodtunk, hogy milyen jo lett a magyar forditasa. Sok jo visszajelzeseket kaptam magyar olvasoktol is, de valoban attol fugg, hogy te mennyire kenyelmesen erzed akarmelyik nyelvvel magad… ne haragudj, ha nem segitettem az ajanlattal, de bizok benned, hogy akarmelyiket valasztod, a jo dontes lesz. Szeretettel fogadnam majd a visszajelzesedet. Minden jot kivanok neked, Réka

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