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The Living Waters of Transylvania

Fifteen minutes’ drive out of Székely-Udvarhely in Transylvania, we have to make another stop again. Stopping here is a Transylvanian customary ritual not to be missed. We are at Homoród, the famous natural sparkling mineral water spring. We grab our empty bottles, given to us by my great-aunt, Sárika néni,Read More


We are driving down the bumpy road in the rental car that we have just picked up. Just as we drive past the last house of “Happy Town” / Boldogfalva, the bumps stop and our car’s wheels hit proper road. Grandma stops looking green and wild-eyed from all the bumpsRead More

Come Fly With Me To Transylvania

There is a ferocious argument raging in my living room, yep that’s right, a ferocious argument and why? Let’s rewind about 30 seconds. Grandma: I am not going to slave away carrying 66 bags all the way to the airport on PUBLIC TRANSPORT! Dad: You will not have to slaveRead More