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Looks Like Heaven – Our First Day in Mexico

The palm fronds sway languidly in time with the beat of the bus as the driver swerves left round a corner, missing a gardener trimming the airport hedges by a hair’s breadth. My mind barely registers the close call. For a moment I’m still up above the clouds, marvelling atRead More

New York City: A Christmas Cliche

You might imagine Christmas in NYC as a cliche of chestnuts roasting on an open fire and Jack Frost nipping at your nose. This is the image that Hollywood and the NYC Tourist Board wants you to see of NYC, but if you scratch the surface a little, you canRead More

Spring Break in The Bahamas… Family Style!

It was just after we had returned from our six month South American odyssey to the US, that we awaited Grandma’s arrival at Miami International Airport Terminal or MIA as it is known. We were trusting that Grandma wasn’t MIA (Missing-in-Action), as we looked desperately to catch a glimpse ofRead More

Momentary Madness and The Magic of Multnomah Falls

It was late afternoon when our beige and red striped RV pulled into a parking lot, barely visible under the towering cedar trees, the setting sunlight peeking through the hidden gaps. The gravel crunched under my feet as I stepped outside and took a deep breath of the fresh forestRead More

Lady of Liberty in New York City

The setting sun’s final blood-red glows reflected on the heaving ultramarine waters of The Hudson River. From the very edge of the horizon, a faint torch glow lit up the banks of a distant island. The ferry moved in a swift rhythm, at one with the churning white foam ofRead More

The Power of Kindness

Here we uncover long lost mysteries, feel the power of living kindness and experience the realness of America! Enjoy! I was so EXCITED!! We were actually arriving in Detroit! The place where Dad’s Great Grandfather had also arrived, now more than 100 years earlier!!! This was the place, where weRead More

Corn Husks, Popsicles and a Pumpkin called Luigi!

The last you heard of us we were driving out of Colorado, Denver, Littleton. We were about to hit a New State: Nebraska: The Corn Husk State. And believe me, it was the corn husk state. All over the road, stray corn husks floated and flittered in front of ourRead More


Last I left off, we were in Yellowstone National Park or rather we had just left there. We had had enough of the coldness as it has been getting very, very cold. So we pushed on, traveling south, onwards to a New State. Next on our list were Montana, Wyoming,Read More


A ton has happened lately! Our current destination is very exciting, but I will get to that in Old Faithful time, shortly.  😀 We stayed in Wilsonville for another three nights where we had a blast with Grace, Isabel and Rowan! We swam in the pool, went walking and skateboardingRead More