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The Power of Kindness

Here we uncover long lost mysteries, feel the power of living kindness and experience the realness of America! Enjoy! I was so EXCITED!! We were actually arriving in Detroit! The place where Dad’s Great Grandfather had also arrived, now more than 100 years earlier!!! This was the place, where weRead More

Corn Husks, Popsicles and a Pumpkin called Luigi!

The last you heard of us we were driving out of Colorado, Denver, Littleton. We were about to hit a New State: Nebraska: The Corn Husk State. And believe me, it was the corn husk state. All over the road, stray corn husks floated and flittered in front of our


Last I left off, we were in Yellowstone National Park or rather we had just left there. We had had enough of the coldness as it has been getting very, very cold. So we pushed on, traveling south, onwards to a New State. Next on our list were Montana, Wyoming,Read More


A ton has happened lately! Our current destination is very exciting, but I will get to that in Old Faithful time, shortly.  😀 We stayed in Wilsonville for another three nights where we had a blast with Grace, Isabel and Rowan! We swam in the pool, went walking and skateboardingRead More

No Brakes On The Way Down!

We have been enjoying the magnificence of having a house with wheels on it! Oregon has been our backyard and we have nearly seen every nook and cranny of this beautiful state! At the moment I am here in Wilsonville, Oregon writing under the cool shade of a tree inRead More

Cars, Trains and RVs!

SO much has happened in the last few weeks I haven’t had time to write! It has been VERY exciting as well!! The last blog I wrote we were in Lake Tahoe, California-Nevada,  now we are in Lincoln City, Oregon! But we arrived here in some unexpected ways! After Lake

California Dreamin’

It is July 4th, Independence day in all of USA and we are going to a party! So far today we have walked down the coastal boardwalks of LA, taken a trip on the Water Taxi and now we are about to go outside on the balcony of Apartment 17Read More

Every Journey Begins With a Single Step

I am so glad that we took our first step without forgetting our passports! The last time we stood in line to check-in for our flight to Los Angeles (almost 2 years before), when the attendant asked my mother for the passports… you guessed it… they were 60 km awayRead More