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DAY 17: New Neighbours

My hair hung in limp clumps, escaping the loose hold of my bedazzled cap. The sun beat down upon us like Mongolian Tatars transcending the barrier of time to ruthlessly round up their victims. We struggled up the steep hills of the hectic highway, zigging and zagging from left toRead More

DAY 16: Comillas – Dominion of the Angel

The early morning mist collided with an ombre landscape of dawn that was being painted before our very eyes. The strong stench of cow manure wafting out from inside a barn (whose colour could no longer be made out) invaded our nostrils and left us reeling. After sixteen days ofRead More

DAY 15: I Will Survive!

The glowing pool of amber light we call sunrise radiated from behind the untouchable barrier of the horizon. We had risen with the dawn once again and as we trudged down the first part of today’s walk, a crunchy entree of cadet-grey gravel, we all laughed at the distant memoryRead More

DAY 14: Sand Storms, Sea Spray and the Sanctuary of Santa Cruz de Bezana

I smiled in delight as my family and I waded into the crystal cold lapping waters that surrounded the buzzing city of Santander. I loved surprises and the stunning beach that had magically appeared from around the Camino de Santiago’s sandy bend was a perfect one. We had dropped our

DAY 13: Laredo – Güemes: THE WAY The Eagles Fly

The day started with a ferry ride. All of us climbed the damp wooden plank that dug into Laredo’s sandy beach and then swung our backpacks over onto the dark blue vessel of the waters. Santoña, the sister city of Laredo loomed ahead in a cluster of amber coloured stoneRead More

DAYS 10-12: The Friends We Make Along ‘The Way’

Different faces flashed in my mind corresponding with coloured backpacks in a rapid fire. Some young, some old, but all smiling. I looked to my left and then added another face to my time roll. Just as we had been leaving Portugalete, the final annex of the city of Bilbao,Read More

DAY 8-9: No need for Bells and Whistles!

We were already 5 kilometres down a secluded paved road path that spat sneak peak views of an unmistakable mark of civilisation below, when a realisation hit us hard. As hard as 10 kilos of swiss cheese rolled down a mountain. The sprawled out city stretching out in front of