Wanderment and Adventure in 2016

Sometimes you can tell a story without uttering a single word. Sometimes you can convey dreams in the simplest of ways and articulate experiences in a spectral of colour.

Today, on the cusp of the New Year, I wanted to share with you an imagery experience of what 2016 brought our way from rediscovering Australia to exploring China and adventures all across Europe, adventures that took us from our home base in Aguilas, Spain, all the way to the Highlands of Scotland and everything in between.

I want to wish you all much love as we bid one year goodbye and welcome a new one.

May 2017 bring much wanderment and adventure to your lives.






✧ Returning to Australia for the first time since the very beginning of our journey and seeing all of our family and friends again after 4 years.


✧ Hiking our old trails down on the Mornington Peninsula.


✧ Returning to our old family holiday spot on Kirra Beach and getting to watch the white sand and deep blue ocean collide with the horizon every sunrise and every sunset.


✧ Bondi Icebergs – This is where my Dad learned how to swim.


✧ Watching Star Wars VII at Melbourne’s IMAX and then eating pizza at an old family favourite restaurant.


✧ Publishing my debut fantasy fiction adventure novel Dawn of the Guardian in my home city of Melbourne after two and a half years of hard work that began the moment I laid my eyes on that gorgeous white-washed town in Andalusia, that moment when a dream was born.


✧ Mum and Dad teaching Lalika and me how to kayak on the Yarra River.


✧ Mt. Dandenong’s 1000 Steps Kokoda Trail Memorial

























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