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My name is Réka



Hi, I’m a world traveler who is dedicated to the pursuit of exploration and learning from the places, people, cultures, languages and histories that make up our collective story as humankind. As a storyteller, my narratives seek to encourage people to take their own journey of discovery. Over the last seven years my family and I have created a very personal dialogue with a highly engaged community of adventurers, many of whom, as a direct result of our interactions, take their own journeys of exploration, learning and discovery in the world. 


Dreamtime Traveler – Teenage Life Schooler Traveling the World




A Community of Adventurers

Dreamtime Traveler is a gathering point for generating engaged groups of like-minded, active explorers, from families to couples and singles who regularly travel the world. We know this because we have a personal relationship with our audience, one that goes far beyond merely having hundreds of thousands of followers on social media channels that like a post, without engaging. We have developed an authentic relationship with our community members, many of whom are either actively engaged in or seriously considering a change of life travel experience that involves long-term and adventure travel. 

We see this in groups such as families who decide they can have it all by taking their children out of school and traveling the world for a year, all of whom have high disposable incomes and regularly spend twice to four times the average travel spend.  We also see this with couples and younger single travelers traveling the world for the first time.

Dreamtime Traveler has become a point of inspiration for these journeys and this is in part due to the deeply engaging, authentic human stories, which carry a believable and heartfelt narrative that take people on their own journey. It transcends the simplified and cynical obvious advertising pieces that readers are aware of and turning away from. It creates a different strategy… one of sharing the experience through story. This has resulted in many of our partners expressing a deep desire to continue a long-term relationship with directly attributable bookings and new business from this blog and its stories. 





Working Together


As a family, we are committed to responsible, sustainable and inspirational travel experiences, where learning, openness and understanding of the people, places, cultures, histories and languages are at the essence of the travel experience.

We seek to work with the companies, tourism bureaus, travel destinations, historical locations, groups and people who hold these values to be true. 

We have a well developed, close community of travelers who regularly engage in conversation with us and as such we have developed a high level of trust, credibility and engagement. 

Please contact us at reka (at) dreamtimteraveler (dot) com to commence a dialogue of the possibilities and opportunities for collaboration and partnership. 


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